Residential communities

12 male and female students live together in our shared flats. They share the kitchen, the common room and the sanitary facilities.

To give you a little insight, we have provided some visual material. However, these floor photos are only examples and do not guarantee that your floor will look the same. The common rooms were often designed and embellished by the residents themselves.


In the kitchen you will find your kitchen cupboard, which is usually labelled with your room number, as well as your freezer. Furthermore, each kitchen has an oven, two sinks, two cookers and work surfaces.

Individual items of equipment include a kettle, microwave and toaster, but these do not have to be on every floor. Some shared flats also have communal crockery that can be used by all residents on the floor.

Common room/ Living room

The common rooms on each floor are individually furnished and designed, we present you three examples 😉

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


Each floor has a balcony. It can be reached from both corridors of the floor and is individually designed by each floor. Here is a little insight 🙂


There are ladies‘ and gents‘ toilets on each side of the room.

Shower room

Each floor has three showers. One of them is individually plated, the other two are located on the opposite side of the room in one space.