Rental room

The Studentenwerk rents out single rooms and 1-room flats in our hall of residence.

Single room

The equipment of the single rooms includes:
– a bed (90x210cm) with bed base
– a shelf
– a washbasin with wall lamp
– a wardrobe
– a mobile pedestal
– a desk lamp
– a desk
– one or two chairs
partly still attached mouldings on the walls

The furnishings do not include:
– bed linen (blanket, pillows, covers)
– curtains
– kitchenware

ATTENTION: There is no ceiling lamp! 🙁

TIP: Get a lamp on your own (floor lamp, etc.), as the rooms are otherwise quite dark 🙁

To give you a better idea of your room, we have prepared pictures for you to give you an approximate impression 🙂

You don’t have enough space for your study books and other things? Then you can of course add a shelf to your room. The dimensions of the standardized single room can be found in the diagram. Please understand that the dimensions of your room furnishings may differ by a few centimeters, as the furnishings in the rooms may differ slightly (e.g. different desks, washbasins, etc.).

Information provided without guarantee

You have one chair too many or want to bring your own desk? We will find a solution for everything 🙂

Please discuss with the caretaker, Mr Dedecjus, whether you are allowed to store items from your room at your home during your rental period. However, these items must be found undamaged in your rented room when you move out.

Students who have designed their rooms will also be happy to let you take a look inside their room 😉

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


The equipment of the flat includes:
– a bed (90x210cm) with bed base
– one shelf
– two wardrobes
– a coffee table
– a washbasin with wall lamp
– a shower with toilet
– a desk with chair
– one or two chairs with kitchen table
– external blinds on the windows
– a kitchenette with oven, fridge and freezer (only in the flat in house 10)

The equipment does not include:
– Bed linen (blanket, pillow, covers)
– curtains
– kitchenware

Here is a little spoiler, so that you can imagine your room better, we have prepared pictures for you, which should give you an approximate impression 🙂