New here?

Welcome to the StuWoDu! Here you will find the most important information.

Before moving in:

You are not sure yet whether you want to come to us and would like to get to know the hall of residence first? No problem, just write to our dorm manger and arrange an appointment for a visit.

To move in, make an appointment with our caretaker Lars Dedecjus. You can reach him by phone Monday – Friday from 1 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. at 49 (0)911 401921. You will also receive your keys from him.

After moving in:

The best thing to do is to talk to your floor representative, who will explain everything you need to know about the hall of residence and the regulations of your floor, e.g. regarding the GEZ fee. Floor representatives have a sign on their room door, so you can easily find out who it is. You should also introduce yourself to the dorm manager. Her room number is A811.

Whatsapp group: Important information concerning the dormitory is shared in a common Whatsapp group (but only the committee and the dormitory management can write in; don’t be afraid of spam). You can find the QR code for the group on the notice board on the ground floor.

Internet access: To get internet access, you first have to scan the QR-code in the janitors office or in the door of the network-office after that you can click the register button. If you have any questions about the internet, the network team will help you, email us at netzwerk at or drop by dring our office hours.

Do you have a car? Then please sign up on the list hanging on the ground floor (on the back of the bells). This way we know which of the parked cars belong to us and which do not.

Washing machine: Washing machines and dryers are located in the basement of the B-House. (80ct per wash)

Don’t forget to register your new residence at the Residents‘ Registration Office within 2 weeks! You can find all the relevant information here.

Would you like to make new contacts? Come and join one of the sports teams! The notice board on the ground floor gives you a good overview of what’s on offer and also provides QR codes for the relevant Whatsapp group. Bar evenings are held weekly on Wednesdays in the basement 🙂

We sincerely hope that you will feel at home with us!