Network FAQ

1. Where do I get my access data?
You have to drop a completed application form in the letterbox next to the network office (building 8 next to the lift). You will find the application forms right next to it.

2. How long does it take to process the application?
Usually up to 24 hours on weekdays.

3. How and when can I reach the network team?
We can be reached at any time via our e-mail address. If you need our help in person, please make an appointment with us.

4. May I set up my own WLAN router?
No. In principle, you are not allowed to operate a WLAN router on our premises, as this would interfere with the rest of the network. However, if you would like to operate a normal router or switch, you will have to discuss this with us first.

5. My WLAN is slow or sometimes does not work at all?
Unstable WLAN can have various reasons. Especially when many devices heavily use Wi-Fi at the same time, small disturbances can occur. For a stable connection, you can also borrow cables and corresponding adapters from us for a deposit:
– LAN cable 10 €
– LAN USB adapter: 20€

6. How can I operate a console, FireTV, Alexa etc.?
Please contact the network office.

7. Can I use a printer on the network?
No. Please always connect printers via USB.

8. Why can’t I play online with my switch?
We do not support NAT 3 in this dormitory, so unfortunately some online games will not work.

9. When do I have to pay the dormitory fee and how much is it?
It varies every semester (10 – 20€), so it is always announced via a notice and a message in the Whatsapp groups of the floors.