User guidelines

Guidelines for the use of the FAU data network

  • Introduction

The FAU communication network forms the basis of computer-aided communication within the university and with partners outside the university. It connects distributed locations in Erlangen, Nuremberg, Fürth, Bamberg and scattered locations with each other and provides connections for the end devices there. The Regional Computing Centre Erlangen (RRZE) is responsible for designing and operating the communication network on behalf of FAU. The RRZE ensures the internal stability and functionality of the entire FAU data network and represents FAU vis-à-vis the German research network (DFN-Verein) and the Internet community (IETF, IANA). The rules presented here abstract as far as possible from changing details. Rules for the use of IT resources have been published by the RRZE on the RRZE websites for many years.

  •  Areas of responsibility

According to the recommendations of the Commission for IT Infrastructure of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the RRZE, as the university computer centre, is responsible for the operational order of the decentrally distributed cooperating IT system. It is the centre of an otherwise decentrally distributed system for providing IT services. The cooperative model at FAU includes the RRZE, FAU facilities and end device users. Special deviations from the responsibilities defined below may also be defined in writing between the RRZE and an FAU institution in the interests of both parties. Area of responsibility of the RRZE

a) The RRZE is responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the area-wide wired and wireless infrastructure and network technology of the data network, in particular for planning, applying for funds, procurement, installation, configuration and ongoing support. This is done in close coordination with the University Construction Office as well as with the institutions concerned.

b) Within the scope of given possibilities, the RRZE ensures a comprehensive network infrastructure that is as homogeneous as possible with regard to the FAU locations.

c) Links with or access to other data networks are designed exclusively by the RRZE.

d) The RRZE ensures that the network operation is as stable and secure as possible through monitoring and error handling.

e) The RRZE is solely responsible for the operation of all basic network-related services.

Area of responsibility of the FAU facilities

The FAU institutions are responsible for the connection of IT terminals:

a) FAU institutions appoint one or more IT supervisors vis-à-vis the RRZE. The IT supervisors maintain contact with the RRZE, inform themselves about current developments and in turn notify the RRZE of changes in use and organisational changes.

b) Connections to the data network are only made via the network access points provided by the RRZE (from the terminal device connection socket by means of network cable or from the access point by means of radio connection).

c) Connections to terminal outlets are coordinated by the IT supervisors in cooperation with the RRZE.

d) The IT supervisors are responsible for ensuring that only properly maintained terminal devices are connected to the data network.

Responsibility for end devices

For persons using terminal devices connected to the FAU data network, the other regulations apply, see chapter 5.

  • Connection of terminal devices

a) The provision of the data network at the network access points is requested informally by the IT supervisors of the FAU institutions.

b) In the event of supply bottlenecks, the RRZE will check the feasibility of an expansion with regard to technical and financial framework conditions. Financing must be specifically clarified in each case, especially if construction measures, structural or capacitive extensions to the network are required.

c) The RRZE assigns local networks and, if necessary, IP address spaces to the FAU institutions and informs the IT supervisors of the connection parameters.

d) The IT supervisors assign and manage IP addresses for the end devices to be connected from the assigned address space.

e) The IT supervisors shall document all changes to the use of the terminal connection sockets.

f) The IT administrators report the assigned IP address and an assigned name for each terminal device to the RRZE for transfer to the FAU name service (DNS). They report decommissioned end devices to the RRZE for deletion from the FAU name service.

  •  Troubleshooting and operational disruptions

a) Planned maintenance is announced to the IT staff in advance via defined reporting channels (mailing lists, web information).

b) In the case of wired terminal access to the data network, fault reports are received by the IT staff and, if necessary, reported to the RRZE after prior analysis.

c) In the case of wireless terminal access to the data network (WLAN), faults can also be reported directly to the RRZE.

d) End systems that interfere with network operation are to be disconnected from the network immediately by the IT staff on the instructions of the RRZE.

e) In order to avert danger, the RRZE reserves the right to disconnect acutely disruptive end devices from the network immediately.

  •  Higher-level regulations and rules

The following superordinate regulations apply:
– The IT statutes of the FAU
– The DFN usage regulations for the interaction of users of the DFN communication services:
– DFG guidelines
– Statutory regulations