Sport working groups

Of course, we also have a sports club where members of the hall of residence meet up to go jogging, play volleyball or other sports. Click in and drop by, we are looking forward to seeing you 🙂

In sport we want to build bridges together, because bridges help us to relate to each other and help each other over abysses. They give us strength and support.

We as a sports team are building a bridge, maybe you will be a part of it soon. We leave no one behind and believe in each and every one of you 🙂

Our motto?

„Alone you are strong, together you are unbeatable“.

Our superpowers? Look at these badminton rackets 😀

No matter if summer or winter, heat or cold, indoor or outdoor sports …. just dare to try something new and grow beyond yourself 🙂 we are happy to help you 😀

„Our team is more than the sum of its individual parts“

With fun and motivation we rock the thing 😀

„We want to build bridges to each other,
so that we can meet each other,
so that we get to know each other,
so that we can help each other“

Joachim Kohler